NWT - About Us

Company Profile

NWT has over 40 years’ experience in structuring capabilities across various jurisdictions. We translate our clients’ complex legal, financial and succession issues into clear wealth planning objectives and provide the expertise to achieve them. As an independently operated business of the larger financial services group AXYS, we enjoy unrestricted access to the best providers of financial and legal advice and have full freedom to work with client’s own advisors to meet their individual requirements.

Taking on the administrative weight of implementation and management of bespoke wealth structures allows our clients the freedom to focus on what they do best, reassured in the knowledge that the important details are being taken care of by qualified & experienced professionals. We are optimally sized to be able to provide an efficient personal Swiss-quality service, whilst being sufficiently robust to meet the rigorous demands of a professionally regulated industry and to stay on top of our increasing fiduciary obligations in a fast-changing economy.

NWT Group has its main offices in Geneva and Mauritius, with representation in Hong Kong and Brazil. Its main operating companies in Geneva are NWT Conseil SA and NWT Management SA.



The Geneva office employs a team of over 40 professionals who form the heart of our business. The team is made up of highly qualified and experienced professionals originating from a variety of countries, worldwide. Languages spoken include Russian, Mandarin and Japanese as well as most of the main European languages.

The following are our Directors and members of our senior management team